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SURPRISE! I'm a redhead now .. lol! Well a very faded redhead - with roots haha. My hair appt is coming up at the beginning of May (thank god!) The picture at the bottom is my red hair after about a month so you kind of get an idea of the shade. I went for Rihanna red which speaking of brings me to another thing I'm really excited about; Geoff got me tickets to see Rihanna in June for my birthday!! YAY - looovveeee her!!! I'm really looking forward to that! 
On a side note re: my wisdom teeth (the reason why it has been so long since my last post) I started to feel a lot of pain on Saturday and then I woke up on Sunday and I was in extreme pain. Pounding migraine, tooth ache, sore jaw and a really bad taste in my mouth so I ended up going to the emerg at my local hospital. Long story short - I spent Sunday in the hospital for about 3 hours hooked up to an IV with antibiotics. It was infected and I have dry socket. I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better. 
I hope everyone else is having a much better week!! 

Wearing: striped blazer (F21), pink tee (Wilfred), jeans (Guess), nude pumps (BCBG), lime green clutch (thrifted)


  1. gorgeous shoes!!

    xx claudia

  2. nice look! I like your heels and bag!

    greetings from

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  4. How I love finding new great blogs like this :)

    I enjoyed this


  5. i love the hair and the green clutch xoxo

  6. fun blazer! you are beautiful. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  7. great blazer i love it paired with red xx

  8. Your shoes are so beautiful <3

    Xoxo Christine


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