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YAY for warmer weather! So beyond excited to be able to wear flats & heels. My favourite time of year. 

I've just started unpacking all my spring/summer clothes. I've got all my shoes out but putting away winter clothes and unpacking summer clothes is a much bigger job! I usually just store everything away in totes. Do you store your off season clothes too or leave everything out year round?

wearing: blazer (Zara), top (RW&CO), pants (RW&CO), flats (Gap)
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london fog

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NOTE: my photo quality is not pulling through once uploaded to my blog - SO FRUSTRATING! If you have any tips/comments to help please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

These photos were taken last week, pre and post latte run - hello london fog latte, when we actually had some decent weather. Unfortunately that is NOT the case this week - I had to dig my parka back out and it's snowed off and on the last two days. Boo! 

I love these types of outfits, super causal and comfortable. I am beyond excited to be able to start wearing flats again (hopefully! lol). 

wearing: scarf (Wilfred), blouse (Elizabeth & James), jacket (H&M), jeans (Gap), flats (Vince Camuto), sunglasses (Cole Haan)

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I spent my Easter Sunday in the quaint little town of Almonte, outside of Ottawa. We went for a stroll, the weather was absolutely beautiful. While exploring we stumbled upon the cutest little store Tin Barn Market. They had such a pretty store, I loved the vibe. All kinds of goodies, from little trinkets to chalk paint to super cool vintage looking knobs. I had to contain myself and only left with one purchase - a dainty little heart bangle with a great little reminder.  

wearing: scarf (Burberry), sweater (Old Navy), jeans (American Eagle), boots (Steve Madden), sunglasses (Guess)

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I'm back! .... again

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So as the title says ... I'm back, again!

I've decided to revisit my blog and start blogging again. Too say I'm super excited about it would be an understatement. It's something I had been thinking about for a while now and have been playing around with different ideas. I was on the fence about continuing this blog or just starting a new one and in the end my decision was (obviously) to stick with this one.

I'm hoping to transition into a bit of a lifestyle/fashion blog instead of solely focusing on fashion. Maybe try to throw in some good recipes that I stumble across here and there (hello peanut butter overnight oats), and some awesome product finds (hello Fekkai hair fragrance mist), and whatever else is too good that it has to be shared.

So please follow me on this journey again - I promise to post regularly (cross my heart)

And PS. to really stay in the loop follow me on instagram @fashionablefootprints

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Happy Valentines Day to all fashionistas!
Enjoy your day, whether or not you are sharing it with someone isn't a big deal. Just be thankful for the people you love; your family, friends, etc. My valentine is away from home working right now but we were able to celebrate while he was home last weekend.
I wanted to acknowledge my lack of posts this year. I normally don’t like to get into too much detail on my personal life but wanted to fill you guys in on what’s been going on.
I had a career change at the end of 2012. After working on getting my license last year, I have started my career as a Real Estate Sales Representative. It has been the best decision I have ever made and I couldn’t be happier! So that is the main reason for lack of posts, I had been studying and writing exams  - all that good stuff! But I plan on starting to post as much as possible again! I got a new camera for Christmas and I have been dying to take some outfits posts with it!
Also, thank you to you for continuing to read my blog, stopping by & showing love! It means so much to me and I can’t wait to get back onto a normal posting schedule!
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