I'm back! .... again

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So as the title says ... I'm back, again!

I've decided to revisit my blog and start blogging again. Too say I'm super excited about it would be an understatement. It's something I had been thinking about for a while now and have been playing around with different ideas. I was on the fence about continuing this blog or just starting a new one and in the end my decision was (obviously) to stick with this one.

I'm hoping to transition into a bit of a lifestyle/fashion blog instead of solely focusing on fashion. Maybe try to throw in some good recipes that I stumble across here and there (hello peanut butter overnight oats), and some awesome product finds (hello Fekkai hair fragrance mist), and whatever else is too good that it has to be shared.

So please follow me on this journey again - I promise to post regularly (cross my heart)

And PS. to really stay in the loop follow me on instagram @fashionablefootprints

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