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I wanted to do a post on some beauty products that are on heavy rotation right now and since my wisdom teeth are STILL bothering me, I thought this would be a good time. I really thought that I would be back to normal by now but I guess not. We are having our Easter dinner on Sunday so I am hoping I am at least better for that. Geoff went out last night and got a Tofurkey that we are going to try to make as well - since I am vegetarian. I have wanted to try it for a couple years and so we finally are. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter! I will be back in a couple days with another post but I have a SURPRISE!! :)

(R-L) Below are:
Sephora Super Loaded Age Defy Serum: I was pleasantly surprised by this serum. I have been using a Dior serum that was about double the price so I thought I would give this a try. The texture is really nice and I like the smell as well. Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray: This is my absolute favourite hairspray that I have tried. I find that it holds very well and it doesn't give you that hard crisp feel that other hairsprays can leave. I don't use hairspray everyday but when I need it this is what I grab. Oscar Blandi Brunette Dry Shampoo Spray: Out of everything in this post I would say this is my #1 pick. It has saved me countless times and works so well. You just spray it on your hair let it dry and then brush it through and your hair looks fresh. Plus it smells great and saves your hair colour from fading so quick since you can go a couple extra days without washing.  Blum Face Wipes: I found these wipes at Winners (Canadian store like TJ Maxx) for a great price - I think they were 30 for $5.99. So I thought I would give them a try since face wipes do come in handy at times. Out of all the wipes I have tried I would say these work the best. I usually wash my face before I use them with another cleanser or an oil cleanser because I don't feel like wipes get everything off your face. YSL Ombres Duolumieres 15: I really should have taken a picture of the colours of this eyeshadow (and the lipstick) These colours are a deep metallic plum and a very light ballerina pink with sparkles. I just started to love these colours as I have had this for a while. The sparkles really threw my off because I do not usually go for that but after using it a couple times I have found myself reaching for it quite often. YSL Rouge Volupte 19: This lipstick is like a baby pink. It is very pretty and actually my first Rouge Volupte. I tried it in the store and I had to get it because of the amazing feel of the lipstick on your lips. I am usually a MAC lipstick girl but this formula is so creamy. I definitely  need more of these! Diorshow Extase Mascara: Usually I can not stick with one mascara - I like to switch it up and try lot's but when I tried this I really liked it. It gives my lashes volume which is what I like. Although I probably would re-purchase this mascara I have the YSL in my vanity to try next.

I'd love to hear what your favourites are and any products you think I may like!


  1. ♥ So nice post.)) I love your blog♥

  2. oooh I like cosmetics so much, but you have here also very nice outfit

  3. love it!
    great blog, keep it up, and i'll be back for sure!


  4. I like the variety of products :)

    If you've tried any other dry shampoos before, do you still prefer the Oscar Blandi over them?


  5. @Blushed Pearls: I have only tried the Oscar Blandi but I do really like it - I have trouble finding dry shampoo for dark hair.

  6. Been wanting to try that YSL lipstick for the longest time :)

    Xoxo Christine


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