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That song is playing right now .. haha, I actually kind of like it. Anyways, this is my very first post (obviously) I wore this last Thursday, I meet an old friend for tea and I had really good time. It had been at least a year since I had seen her so we decided to keep in better touch then this previous year. I wanted something really comfortable so this worked great. I have to dress business all week so when I’m not at work I wear a lot of tights. I got this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag a couple months ago and I have been using it all the time; I am in love with it, haha. I also bought a gray metallic Michael Kors wallet with studs since my white & pink Coach wallet is looking not so lovely which I will try to clean anyways. But I am going to finish this cantaloupe that I am eating and then probably lay down for a nap because I am feeling sick at the moment. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wearing: marc by marc jacobs gold zipper watch necklace (gift), purple wilfred blouse (aritzia), black tna leggings (aritzia), white gladiator style sandals (guess), marc by marc jacobs brown bag (holt renfrew)

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